Mach2 tires have been a crop saver! With 22 center pivot systems, we
were constantly fixing flats or pulling pivots out of the mud. We have
converted 12 of our 22 pivots to Mach2 tires, and as we have tires
either wear out or have flats on the other pivots we replace them with
Mach2 tires. Our oldest Mach2 tires are now 5 years old and still look
brand new. We have 11.2X38's walking through lake bottoms and our pivots
never miss a beat.

We have 22.5, 24 and 24.5, 90% are the old style lug, they work much
better in our tighter soil, the narrow lug has the tendency to bridge over
and start spinning. The more clay type soils require the wider lugs of
the old style. The majority of our pivots are 22.5 and 38's, we replaced a
lot of the 22.5 with 38's when we started raising corn, now we just
replace whatever the rubber tire is, and do not have to buy a rim.

My employees love the "No Flats" feature. The Mach2
tires have not only saved us money, but also precious time during the
growing season by reducing down time.

Mark McCormick,

Floydada, TX



Superior Traction
Far Exceeds Rubber
Tire Performance

Will Not Go Flat
Or Deteriorate Plus Is
Lightweight To Handle

Chemical, Fertilizer,
And UV Resistant

Excellent Durability And
Increased Longevity

Less Stress On Drive
Train Components

Price Comparable
Comparable In Size And Price

11.2x24 for 8" & 10" rims, 14.9x24 for 8", 10", & 12" rims,
11.2x38 for 10" rim, 13.6x38 for 10" rim, 10x22 for 8" rim,
10x20 for 8" rim, 11x22.5R for recap rims, 11x24.5R for recap rims.

Improved Tire Track
Far Exceeds The
Industry Standard

This tire design can be used on any combination of towers or complete systems and is made to accommodate all center pivot irrigation systems.

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