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The MACH2 Tire

   Here are the facts:
1. Mach2, patent pending, is the original plastic tire developed for center pivot application. Innovation in development with on-going
improvements in manufacturing during the last 11 years has made the Mach2 one of the fastest growing and most widely demanded products to come along in years.
2. Superior in design to meet and surpass the rugged expectations of it's application.
3. Superior in quality manufacturing and roto-molded from a special blend of Dow resin to provide ultra-violet protection, crack resistance, durability and long life characteristics to the finished product.
4. Matched with the best limited warranty policy in the industry, which is indicative of the outstanding quality and high performance
expectations that you receive from a product of this type.
5. Mach2 has complete control of the design, manufacturing, production and sales process, thereby providing assurance that your
product needs will be handled in the most professional and satisfying manner possible.
6. Mach2 has and maintains the largest production capability of any supplier of it's type, managing inventory within the production
facility and within it's regional distribution warehouses, in an effort to minimize lead times, maximize response times and to make sure that you and your customer have product on time and when you need it.
7. Mach2 has the greatest selection of new tire and recapped tire sizes available.
8. Mach2, because they are the largest supplier of poly pivot tires, overall manufacturing abilities and related policies, will always work to deliver you the highest quality product at the lowest and most competitive prices.
  • Made of a high grade polyethylene material containing a UV inhibitor.
  • Can be purchased in two halves and bolted onto an existing rim
  • Easy and simple installation (see Mounting Instructions)
  • May also be purchased complete with a furnished steel rim
  • New design features greatly improved floatation and far less strain on drive line components.
  • Tire design can be used on any combination of towers or complete systems.
  • Made to accommodate all center pivot systems.
  • Solves the problem of stuck center pivots and flat tires during irrigation season when down time of the sprinkler system can be crucial to crops.
  • This tire keeps sprinkler moving with superior traction, excellent durability, increased longevity, and improved tire track.

In this day and age, it is not necessary for an entire irrigation system to be shut down due to a stuck tower or flat tire. Today's farmer doesn't need the extra expense, the down time, or the stress and aggravation of continually monitoring their center pivot system another season.

With the definite advantages of the MACH2 tire over a rubber tire, and priced in the same range, it makes for an easy, problem solving, sensible purchase.


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